Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. GENERAL TERMS Hotel Tryavna Lake


    1. General provisions and applicability

    These general terms and conditions apply to all reservations made by a client – a natural person, legal entity or other legal entity, at Tryavna Lake hotel with management company “Lilia 2” EOOD  EIK 117637846 , VAT No. BG 117637846 , with registered office and management address: BULGARIA, city of Ruse, 1 LYUBEN KARAVELOV Str ., realized through the website https://tryavnalakehotel.bg/, call center and hotel managers (together all called “Site” , “Website” , “Web page” ) offering our hotel services. When a reservation is made for accommodation in a hotel with or without meals, these conditions constitute a hotel service contract within the meaning of the Commercial Law and the Law on Obligations and Contracts, concluded between “Lilia 2” EOOD and GUEST . The Tourism Act shall be applied accordingly with the relevant provisions. The contract between “Lilia 2” EOOD and GUEST is considered concluded upon confirmation of the reservation by Tryavna Lake Hotel. By making a reservation, you confirm and accept these General Terms and Conditions for booking and the terms agreed upon in them for accommodation and payment, cancellation of reservations, etc. The present reservation conditions oblige the Tryavna Lake hotel to secure the reservation requested by GUEST according to the data provided by it through the reservation form for the name of GUEST or the guests, hotel, period, number of nights, number of adults and number of children and their age. You must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Security Policy adopted by Tryavna Lake Hotel in order to complete the reservation.


    1. Entry into force

    These General Terms and Conditions are binding for the Tryavna Lake Hotel – on the one hand, and the persons who have completed a reservation through the website or the call center, resp. the persons on whose behalf a reservation was made at the hotel ( “GUEST/S”, “You”) – on the other hand. The general terms and conditions enter into force and are binding for the GUEST from the moment of receipt of the last confirmation by e-mail for the reservation, and the obligations of the Tryavna Lake hotel arise from the moment of receiving full or partial payment for the reservation made. In the case of a reservation on behalf of a legal entity or other entity, the party to the contract is the legal entity, respectively the other entity. When a reservation is made by a customer for the benefit of another person or persons, the parties to the contract with Tryavna Lake Hotel are all adults who will use the service, and the person who made the reservation is jointly and severally responsible for the obligations of the GUEST/GUESTS.


    1. Basic definitions

    “Guest” is a natural person (including a tourist) who actually uses the services of the Tryavna Lake hotel and has either personally or through a customer made a reservation at the hotel. The guest is a party to the contract with Tryavna Lake Hotel.

    “Client” is a person who has made a reservation in a hotel managed and administered by Tryavna Lake Hotel. A customer can be the guest, but also his representative or proxy who will not use the services personally.

    “Tourist” is a natural person who, personally or through a client, has made reservations at Tryavna Lake Hotel and or uses services offered by Tryavna Lake Hotel, representing a tourist package.

    “Hotel service” is a service representing hotel accommodation with or without meals.

    “Additional service” is a service that Hotel Tryavna Lake provides to the GUEST, such as, but not limited to: car parking; rent a car; services provided in the hotel, etc.

    “Reservation” is an act of filling in data by the GUEST or a third party (client) in a reservation form by electronic means or e-mail, by virtue of which Hotel Tryavna Lake and the GUEST conclude a distance contract for the provision of a hotel service with or without additional service.

    “Force majeure” and “Force majeure” are phenomena, acts, actions or inactions that occurred in the area of the place of accommodation, which cannot be foreseen or avoided by the party to the contract or third parties that are related to the performance of the service ( Tryavna Lake Hotel partners, airlines, etc.), such as strikes, military-political conflicts, terrorist acts, natural disasters, military actions, fire, earthquake, floods, government bans, acts, etc.

    “Corporate discount/s” is a discount determined by Hotel Tryavna Lake, based on a contractual and/or partnership relationship with a legal entity or other entity. It is defined and regulated in an internal order of Tryavna Lake Hotel. The person must identify himself as an employee of the company on whose line he uses the specified discount.

    1. Making a reservation

    When making an accommodation reservation, the CLIENT must fill in certain data in the electronic reservation system. Reservations may require additional information about the tourist(s) and selected services. All personal information that is entered in the reservation forms is used solely for the purposes of fulfilling the reservation. Upon filling in the required information (personal data, period of stay, accommodation, number of guests), the reservation system generates information about the reservation, including a board for meals, as well as an opportunity to comment on special requirements of the GUEST.. The wishes of GUESTS are carried out if possible by the hotelier.

    A reservation is made after saving the number of nights, the number of guests and filling out the reservation form on the website. Note that this is not a full booking, just a request for one. After we receive your inquiry, we will contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm the Reservation. You will receive a copy of what you have chosen by e-mail. In case, due to technical reasons, these documents are not generated, please contact us and we will send them immediately. Hotel Tryavna Lake +359 899980802 or email: tryavna_lake@abv.bg

    1. Booking confirmation

    Immediately after receiving an inquiry about the reservation, but no later than 48 hours after making it, the client will receive information about the reservation, along with the basic data about it, to the e-mail address (email) indicated by him. The conditions of the reservation (for the period of accommodation, price, payment, conditions for cancellation and change) are binding for the GUEST from the moment of its confirmation by phone or e-mail .


    1. Booking price and payment method

    The prices of services offered by Hotel Tryavna Lake are in Bulgarian leva and include all taxes, including tourist tax and VAT. The price of the selected service is indicated when making a reservation, and in certain cases it can be roughly converted from Bulgarian Leva to Euro. Prices are payable in BGN upon check-in. Accommodation for children from 0 to 1.99 years is not charged and they are not described as independent guests, and information about them should be entered by the customer in the “Comment” category when booking. Special discounts apply for children from 2 to 11.99 years. To use these discounts, it is necessary to specify the number of children when booking, and the system automatically calculates the price of the reservation. Children up to 11.99 years old are treated as children and children over 12 years old are treated as adults. In case the information is incorrect, the GUEST pays the difference up to the full value of the reservation at reception prices at the time of check-in.


    Payment for reservations and other services is made in one time or in installments according to the specific offer you are considering. The payment method is specified in the listing itself, as well as in the email confirming the reservation. The price includes the services specified in the reservation form for a specific period of stay, selected rooms and number of guests. The board of meals is specified for each specific reservation. Where meals are included in the price, this is explicitly mentioned in the request. We accept payment in the following ways:

    • By credit or debit card;
    • Epay.bg
    • By bank transfer:

    Bank account in BGN

    Holder: “Lilia 2” EOOD


    First Investment Bank (FIB)


    IBAN: BG21FINV91501016595638

    REASON: BOOKING No. ______

    For payments other than bank transfer, the transaction is processed by payment institutions and Hotel Tryavna Lake does not receive any information about your credit or debit cards.

    Hotel Tryavna Lake issues an invoice for the service to the person indicated by the client/guest after receiving payment, if necessary. In case of periodic payments, an invoice is issued for each payment separately.

    The features or prices of the Services may be changed at any time. Due to technical reasons, it is possible that they contain errors, for which Hotel Tryavna Lake apologizes in advance to its users and customers and informs that it is not responsible for errors.

    1. Promotions – reductions, discounts and package prices

    Hotel Tryavna Lake reserves the right to announce promotional prices. Promotional offers are valid only for newly booked guests, under the relevant conditions, and cannot be a reason for a request by GUEST to reduce the price or grounds for a complaint. In cases where special offers (lower prices) for a certain hotel and period are offered on the Tryavna Lake hotel website, the amounts paid are non-refundable. Please check the terms and conditions of the offer carefully before booking.

    1. Reservation Cancellation Policy

    8.1. Cancellation of a reservation by GUEST

    Unless otherwise stated in the reservation, it can be refused (cancelled) within 30 days from the date of confirmation of the reservation. Please check the booking conditions carefully before booking.

    Cancellation should be done by sending an e-mail: tryavna_lake@abv.bg The request should contain the reservation number, as well as guest data and dates of stay.

    8.2. Cancellation of reservation from Hotel Tryavna Lake

    Hotel Tryavna Lake can unilaterally and without paying compensations and penalties cancel a reservation when:

    • in the event of circumstances preventing the Tryavna Lake Hotel from performing the requested services within the specified time limits due to reasons beyond the company’s control reasons (ban or other act of authority, natural disasters in the hotel area, epidemic situation, etc.) – in this case Tryavna Lake Hotel will offer the GUEST a service of the same or higher quality for the same or other dates, and in case of refusal party of the GUEST, Hotel Tryavna Lake has the right, without the consent of the GUEST or the client and without being responsible for this, to cancel the reservation .
    • In case of behavior of a GUEST or his companion, which, according to Tryavna Lake Hotel or its representatives, contractors and employees, causes danger, stress, harm, anger or serious inconvenience to other GUESTS, employees or partners;

    If Hotel Tryavna Lake cancels the reservation due to reasons for which it is responsible, the company offers GUEST an analogous service under the same or similar conditions as in case of GUEST’s refusal.

    The GUEST may be informed of a canceled reservation by e-mail or by other means, including by telephone.

    1. Booking changes

    Changes in the characteristics of the services, the price, the terms of payment and the cancellation policy are allowed only under the conditions specified below. “Change may incur additional charges .”


    9a. Change of stay dates

    Change of reservation dates by the GUEST is allowed after an express statement from him and will be confirmed by Tryavna Lake Hotel free of charge.

    In the event of a change of dates and no confirmation from the opposite party, the reservation in its initial form remains valid. Confirmation is required to ensure the performance of the service. If a price offer with a lower price is available for the newly selected GUEST period, the same is not applicable to the change, unless the parties agree otherwise. In the event that the current price is higher and/or the new reservation period is in a more expensive price period, the GUEST owes an additional payment of the difference.

    Change of dates of stay by GUEST is allowed after notification by GUEST to Hotel Tryavna Lake.

    9b. Changing the number of guests

    An increase in the number of guests per reservation by the GUEST is allowed after confirmation by the Tryavna Lake Hotel that the service can be performed for the additional guests and after agreeing on the conditions and the amount of the additional payment. A reduction in the number of guests is permitted without incurring fees and penalties if the change in number is during the free cancellation period. After this period, a reduction in the number of guests is allowed only after confirmation by Tryavna Lake Hotel and agreement on the conditions for the change, and in the absence of agreement, Tryavna Lake Hotel does not owe a refund of paid sums.

    9c. Change of guests

    Within 14 days before the date of check-in, the GUEST has the right, without payment of fees and penalties, by email notification to the Tryavna Lake Hotel, to change the names of the guests who will use the service, by informing the Tryavna Lake Hotel by email or otherwise. In this case, the number of GUESTS does not change. From this moment on, the party to the service contract with the company is/are the new GUESTS. The transferor and the transferee are jointly and severally liable for payment of the remainder of the contract amount and any additional fees, charges or other additional costs arising from the transfer. Hotel Tryavna Lake reserves the right to charge GUEST for the change, if the company incurred real costs because of it. Changes to the GUEST/GUESTS after the specified period are considered accepted by Tryavna Lake Hotel, only upon explicit confirmation by us. In the absence of confirmation, the change is not accepted, and in case of non-appearance of the GUEST, the rules of Section 8 apply.

    9d. Changing the price of the reservation

    The final price of the reservation is not subject to change, unless there is an agreement by Tryavna Lake Hotel and GUEST in writing, including by email.

    With the following exceptions, the price of the reservation can be increased or decreased by Tryavna Lake Hotel, in case the company notifies the GUEST of the increase by e-mail no later than 20 days before the stay, along with a justification and calculation of the increase, resp. the discount:

    1. the price of passenger transportation, which is a consequence of a change in the price of fuel or other energy sources, when the provided tourist service includes passenger transportation;
    2. the amount of taxes or fees on the services included in the contract, imposed by a third party that is not directly involved in the performance of the services, including tourist taxes, VAT, etc.; and
    1. the exchange rates applicable to paid travel services when they are contracted in a foreign currency.

    When the price increase exceeds 8 percent of the total price of the service, Hotel Tryavna Lake provides the GUEST with the opportunity to accept the changes within a reasonable time, and in case of non-acceptance of the increase, the GUEST can cancel the reservation without fees and penalties OR request a replacement the service with another of the same or higher quality. In case of cancellation of the reservation, Hotel Tryavna Lake reimburses the GUEST for all amounts received from it within 30 days of the cancellation.

    9c. Other changes

    Hotel Tryavna Lake and the GUEST may, by mutual agreement, including by email, change the sequence of execution of individual services or the start and end times of the service – in the case of reservations involving the provision of several services.

    In the event of a significant change to the reservation by Hotel Tryavna Lake and if the change concerns a significant part of the service/services, Hotel Tryavna Lake will notify the change within 3 days of its occurrence, but no later than 10 days before the start date of the stay . The GUEST has the right to:

    i/ accept the changes, which is certified by an additional agreement to this contract, which reflects their impact on the price, or

    ii/ refuse the service and cancel the reservation without incurring penalty or compensation.


    1. No-show on check-in day

    If the GOST does not arrive at the accommodation by 22:00 on the specified arrival date and has not notified the hotel in advance, it will be considered a no-show. If the GUEST does not appear (No show), the paid sums are not refunded, and Tryavna Lake Hotel reserves the right to claim the difference between the paid part and the full value of the reservation.

    1. Accommodation

    Check-in at the hotels is after 3:00 p.m. Check-out of the rooms after the last night is until 12:00 p.m. All announced times are in local time for the destination. Reservations are kept until 8:00 p.m. For reservations with late check-in after 8:00 p.m. on the day of arrival (late check in), which are not partially or fully prepaid, advance notification to the hotel reception is required – in writing ( by email) or verbally (by phone).

    The category of the hotel is determined according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. The information about the amenities and services offered by each hotel is provided by the hotels themselves at the date of their inclusion in the reservation system and can be found at the following internet address: https://tryavnalakehotel.bg/

    In some of the rooms it is possible to accommodate one child free of charge. The options are for a children’s folding bassinet for children up to 1.99 years old, which is not paid extra, or an additional bed in the form of an extendable sofa and/or armchair for children from 2 to 11.99 years old, which is included in the total price. An additional baby cot is placed only upon request, which must be confirmed in advance by the Tryavna Lake hotel team.

    1. Transfer

    When a reservation is made, an individual or group transfer can be added for an additional fee.

    1. Food boards

    Hotel Tryavna Lake offers its guests a variety of dining options. According to the choice you have made, we can offer:

    Half board (HB) – includes two meals – breakfast and dinner, as well as free drinks during breakfast: tea, coffee, water. Drinks are not included during dinner.

    Without meals (Room only, BO) – includes only an overnight stay in the selected accommodation.


    1. Responsibility

    14.1. Responsibility of Hotel Tryavna Lake

    Hotel Tryavna Lake is responsible for all hotel services offered by the company, and owes performance of the service according to the reservation. In cases of occurrence of circumstances that prevent Tryavna Lake Hotel from performing the services in accordance with the reservation and within the agreed terms for reasons beyond the control of the company, the hotel has the right to offer compensation (replacement) of the requested service, which is accepted by GUEST only in case, that he agrees to the change of reservation so made.

    In the event that the consent of all guests on the reservation is required for the implementation of the proposed exchange of one service for another, the exchange of the service shall only take effect if all adult guests agree to it.

    In the event that the GUEST accepts the proposed replacement of one service with another that has the same or greater value than the previously requested service, he expresses his agreement and confirms that he accepts the proposed replacement and does not have any material or moral claims against the hotel Herb leek on this occasion. When the service offered as a replacement has a lower value than the pre-requested service, the GUEST is entitled to a refund of the difference in the value of the pre-requested service and the service actually provided.

    Hotel Tryavna Lake does not bear costs related to the consumption of food and drinks outside the paid boarding house, regardless of whether they are ordered by the guest or not.


    Hotel Tryavna Lake is not responsible for persons under the age of 18 (children) left unattended. In order for your stay to be pleasant and peaceful, please take care of your children!

    14.2. Responsibility of the guest(s).

    The GUEST who made a reservation at Tryavna Lake Hotel, managed and administered by Tryavna Lake Hotel, respectively the GUEST, on whose behalf the reservation was made, undertake to pay the full value of the requested services within the terms and amounts specified in the reservation, depending on the specific case the GUEST is obliged to make full or partial prepayment, which is expressly stated in the reservation itself. Each of the guests is responsible for paying for the reservation, as well as the person who made the reservation, if he is different from the GUEST. The responsibility of each of the persons is joint and several. In case of non-payment of the reservation on time, Hotel Tryavna Lake has the right to cancel the reservation without any compensation or penalty.

    Hotel Tryavna Lake, in the event of damage to the accommodation and/or its facilities (swimming pools, sports grounds, common areas, etc.) or to other property provided for the use of guests (e.g. vehicles), the perpetrator or perpetrators shall bear/ assume material responsibility for the damage, including on the spot, when this is requested by the victim. For damages caused by a GUEST who is not the holder of the reservation, but uses the services of the Tryavna Lake Hotel, both the GUEST and the person who is the holder of the reservation are jointly and severally liable.

    Sums of money for services requested but not used in whole or in part for reasons for which Tryavna Lake Hotel is not responsible are not refundable and Tryavna Lake Hotel does not owe any penalties or compensation in these cases.

    1. Disclaimer

    Neither party to the reservation contract shall be liable to the other party if its performance is prevented by force majeure circumstances which the affected party could not reasonably foresee and the consequences of which are beyond its control, except for the settlement of payments. Damages caused by the act of force majeure shall be borne by the party under this contract to which they are caused. The two parties to the contract undertake joint actions to reduce the negative consequences resulting from the occurrence of force majeure circumstances. In the event of force majeure, the party shall immediately notify the other party in writing no later than 7 days after the occurrence of the event.


    “Lilia 2” EOOD is not responsible and does not owe compensations and penalties for:

    • problems related to the accommodation of pets, in case they are not specified in writing during the reservation, as well as for special requirements of the GUEST, which have not been confirmed by Tryavna Lake Hotel;
    • loss of valuables, money, documents and other items left in the hotel room;
    • damage caused by force majeure caused by failure or inaccurate performance of the service by Hotel Tryavna Lake or its contractors, including full or partial cancellation of reservations by Hotel Tryavna Lake for reasons independent of the company; in the event of force majeure, the guest will be immediately notified in writing no later than 14 days after the occurrence of the event.
    • incorrect filling of the reservation form by GUEST or its representative;
    • full or partial cancellation of reservations by guests outside the free cancellation period, including in the event of their inability to accommodate due to illness, personal or family commitments, changes in plans, concerns, etc.;
    • damages or cancellations due to the actions of third parties, including border and customs authorities, airlines, bus and rail carriers, regardless of whether the guest(s) missed part of the service or even the whole service due to these actions;
    • damages caused by non-performance or inaccurate performance of the contract, which are due to the guest/s, when due to alcohol or drug intoxication he/she prevents the performance of the service or when the non-performance, inaccurate performance is due to hooliganism or indecent behavior on the part of the guest or tourist . Tryavna Lake Hotel shall not be held liable even if, as a result of such behavior, the guest is removed from an object owned by “Lilia 2” EOOD or a subcontractor;
    • services that complement the tourist program or the stay at the Tryavna Lake hotel are performed by third parties, who are issued with separate documents for their performance – tickets: plane tickets, ferry tickets, bus tickets on regular bus lines, etc. In these cases, the specific provider of the service bears material and moral responsibility before GUEST;
    • technical breakdowns in the accommodation or its facilities used by the GUEST, due to which part of the service or the whole service cannot be performed;
    • in case of refusal, deviation or omission by the GUEST/GUESTS from the consumption of paid services;
    • expenses related to the consumption of food and drinks outside the standard boarding house agreed with GUEST;
    • in case of epidemics, pandemics, border disturbances, official prohibitions and recommendations, due to which Tryavna Lake Hotel cannot perform part of the service or the whole service.


    1. Complaints and problem reporting

    In case of a problem during your stay, you can use phone: +359 899980802 (at the price of one phone call according to your tariff plan), e-mail: tryavna_lake@abv.bg or inform the accommodation in another way. Do not hesitate to contact us also in case you are stuck and need information about health services, local authorities and the provision of consular assistance, finding transport to and from a certain destination.

    In the case of inaccurate performance of the service, the guest undertakes to notify Tryavna Lake Hotel of the discrepancy without undue delay and no later than 24 hours after learning of the inaccurate performance, taking into account the specific circumstances of the case. The notification must be made in writing or in another form, including by e-mail or other technical means that allows it to be reproduced.

    The guest has the right, within 14 days of using the service, to make a complaint, send messages, requests or complaints about the quality of the service provided in writing or verbally at the reception in the chosen place of accommodation, by phone or email. Complaints are considered within 30 days of their receipt at the latest, and if the complaint is justified, the guest has the right to compensation at the discretion of “Lilia 2” EOOD, which cannot exceed the amount of the first night’s stay.

    1. Disputes and Jurisdiction

    All disputes regarding the contract for a travel package or hotel accommodation will be resolved by the parties by mutual agreement. If the parties do not reach an agreement, the dispute will be referred to the competent court according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, with the parties determining Bulgarian laws as the applicable law, including The Law on Tourism, the Trade Law, etc. Any guest can initiate proceedings for the alternative resolution of consumer disputes under the Consumer Protection Act before the General Conciliation Commission of the Commission for Consumer Protection, with headquarters in Sofia, Slaveykov Square No. 4A, phone 02/ 9330 517, website www.kzp.bg, e-mail: adr.sofia@kzp.bg. The procedure is voluntary and out of court, and the decision of the body for alternative dispute resolution is not binding on the parties to the dispute. Disputes related to travel packages purchased online can also be referred to the European Commission’s consumer dispute resolution platform, available at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index. cfm?event=main.adr.show.


    1. Personal data

    “Lilia 2” EOOD and the website tryavnalakehotel.bg apply comprehensive technical and organizational measures to protect the provided data against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction and access by unauthorized persons. The protection of your personal data is carried out in accordance with the norms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), and more information can be found in the Privacy Policy (GDPR) .


    1. Correspondence and communication

    By completing the reservation for accommodation at Tryavna Lake Hotel, you agree to receive an email containing information about your reservation, destination, offers for additional services offered at Tryavna Lake Hotel.

    In order to complete and secure your accommodation reservation correctly, you must use a valid email address. Hotel Tryavna Lake or its employees are not responsible and have no obligation to check wrong or incorrectly presented data, including email addresses, phone numbers.

    Hotel Tryavna Lake and all customers (individuals and legal entities), as well as visitors to the website, agree that the following are accepted for contact between the parties:

    Hotel Tryavna Lake:

    “Lilia 2” EOOD , EIK 117637846 , with registered office and management address: BULGARIA, city of Ruse, 1 LYUBEN KARAVELOV str.

    by phone: +359 899980802 ;

    – via email: tryavna_lake@abv.bg

    via the contact form on the website.


    • For the customer, guest or visitor to the website:

    via the phone number indicated by him in the reservation/correspondence;

    – via email specified by him in the reservation/correspondence;

    by letter to the address indicated by him in the reservation/correspondence;


    Notifications and messages that the parties exchange with each other via electronic mail (email) are considered to be in writing and the parties give them the effect of a written document without the need for them to be signed with an electronic signature.

    When presenting it, a violation report signed by at least 2 (two persons) – representatives, proxies or employees of Tryavna Lake Hotel is also presented.

    1. Additional provisions

    If any provision of these terms and conditions is (or becomes) invalid, unenforceable or unenforceable, you will continue to be bound by all other provisions.

    The site may contain links, Internet links to other sites. Hotel Tryavna Lake is not responsible for the privacy policy and terms of use of websites it does not administer, as well as for other information contained therein.

    All images placed on the Tryavna Lake Hotel website https://tryavnalakehotel.bg/ and on other pages offering the services of the Tryavna Lake Hotel are only intended to create some idea of the type of services offered, and not to represent them accurately. Accordingly, it is possible that some of the images of the services on the platform (static/dynamic images/multimedia presentations, etc.) may not fully correspond to the service provided and may create a wrong impression of the same. Hotel Tryavna Lake will not be responsible for such discrepancies, unless they are material.

    All content present on the site, namely – the logo, together with the figures and text contained therein, inscriptions and images, drawings, diagrams, graphics, design, database, descriptions, methods, processes, booking software and other objects of the intellectual property and copyright, the content of the General Terms and Conditions, are the property of Lilia 2 EOOD or third parties from whom the company has obtained consent for reproduction and/or has a contract for the use of the object of intellectual property and/or copyright. Hotel Tryavna Lake reserves all its rights to the intellectual property related in any way to the site or the services offered by us. Visitors to the site can only use the content for the purpose of booking. Use of the content for purposes other than those set out in the General Terms and Conditions is considered a violation of these General Terms and Conditions, as well as a violation of intellectual property and/or copyrights.

    Visitors to the site may copy, share, transfer and/or use the content only for personal non-commercial purposes and only in cases where this does not conflict with the provisions of this section of this document and express written consent has been received by Hotel Tryavna Lake or the third parties, holders of copyright and other intellectual property rights, who have given their consent for the use of their works and other objects of intellectual property.

    Hotel Tryavna Lake grants the right to owners of other sites and users to post links to the website tryavnalakehotel.bg only when the reference is clear and unambiguous. It is forbidden to copy texts from the website, to place them on other websites without the written consent of Tryavna Lake Hotel or without citing the source, by placing the following text: “Source: tryavnalakehotel.bg”, and the link must necessarily lead to the cited website.


    1. Amendment of the General Terms and Conditions

    These General Terms and Conditions can be changed unilaterally by the Tryavna Lake Hotel at any time by updating them on the website and in compliance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), the Commercial Act and the Tourism Act. The updated General Terms and Conditions enter into force immediately after their publication on the Site for all future customers and guests, as well as for contracts concluded before the amendment with legal entities. Amendments to the General Terms and Conditions do not affect distance contracts concluded before the update, unless Hotel Tryavna Lake has provided otherwise in compliance with current legislation.

    The general terms and conditions enter into force immediately for all GUESTS, without the need for notification, in the event that the changes to the terms and conditions are imposed by virtue of an effective legal act.